Tips for the bride how to look slimmer at the wedding
All girls and women on the eve of their wedding begin to work hard on their figure, but there is not always enough time to get themselves in perfect shape…

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Wedding gifts for competitions
No wedding is complete without fun contests for newlyweds and guests. Funny quizzes and funny wedding scenes set the mood for the evening and perfectly defuse the atmosphere in the…

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Wedding vows of the bride and groom (examples)
In Europe, it is a widespread tradition to recite vows during a wedding ceremony. In our country, this custom came recently, but is rapidly gaining popularity. For many lovers, it…

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Animals at a wedding: pros and cons

Do you have a favorite pet at home that you can’t live without for a couple of hours? Do you want your pet to be near you even at the wedding? Is it worth taking an animal with you at all? The positive and negative sides of this situation can be found only in our wedding portal Свадебка.ws.

Newlyweds with a pet
Advantages of having animals at the wedding
your wedding will definitely be remembered by everyone;
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Wedding trivia: take care of your guests!

Preparing for a wedding is an interesting but difficult task! After all, you need to think everything through to the smallest detail, in the literal sense of the word. Not only buy wedding dresses and accessories, rent a hall and a car for the wedding, but also prepare small things that will help take care of the guests and make their stay at the festival comfortable and interesting! Wedding will tell you about them!

Yes, as banal as it sounds, but wedding invitations are the first accessories that will help you pay attention to your family and friends. You can hand them over in person, send them by mail as a letter, or virtually-which of these options to choose is up to you. Continue reading

Wedding fabrics for sewing bridesmaid dresses

Fabric for wedding dresses as a canvas for paintings. This is the basis of masterpiece works of art. The same style of dress is a different look in different designs. The portal will help to deal with the selection of a suitable material.

Fabric for the base of wedding dresses
The basis can be satin, brocade, crepe, silk, etc. And to divide them according to the following principle:
Summer fabricsThe most wedding season is, of course, summer. And this time of year is not infrequently characterized by high temperatures. Therefore, summer wedding fabrics should be natural and light. Continue reading

Surprise for my husband's wedding: we find a worthy replacement for the song
The traditional surprise, which the bride pleases her chosen one, is a song. However, not every girl has good enough vocal skills to sing really beautifully and please her new…


Animals at a wedding: pros and cons
Do you have a favorite pet at home that you can't live without for a couple of hours? Do you want your pet to be near you even at the…


Your wedding plan or how not to forget anything
Ahead of you is waiting for a solemn and, perhaps, the most unforgettable day – the day of your luxurious wedding. You will wear a luxurious snow-white dress and become…


Morning of the bride: where and how to spend?
The bride’s morning is a special and very important moment of the wedding day, which requires careful preparation by the bride and groom. It is important to take into account…