When to apply to the civil registry office: answers to questions
Painting in the registry Office – the official recognition of the birth of a new family. Moreover, many people think whether it is possible to get married without registration in…

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Second wedding day: ideas, tips and traditions
A wedding is a holiday that you want to celebrate on a Grand scale! And after all before so and did, extending the feast on three days, and sometimes –…

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To be or not to be the second day of the wedding?
The second day of the wedding is a tribute to ancient traditions. But did You know that in old Russia the wedding party walked in a week! The second day…

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Animals at a wedding: pros and cons

Do you have a favorite pet at home that you can’t live without for a couple of hours? Do you want your pet to be near you even at the wedding? Is it worth taking an animal with you at all? The positive and negative sides of this situation can be found only in our wedding portal Свадебка.ws.

Newlyweds with a pet
Advantages of having animals at the wedding
your wedding will definitely be remembered by everyone;
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Wedding trivia: take care of your guests!

Preparing for a wedding is an interesting but difficult task! After all, you need to think everything through to the smallest detail, in the literal sense of the word. Not only buy wedding dresses and accessories, rent a hall and a car for the wedding, but also prepare small things that will help take care of the guests and make their stay at the festival comfortable and interesting! Wedding Portal.ws will tell you about them!

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Wedding fabrics for sewing bridesmaid dresses

Fabric for wedding dresses as a canvas for paintings. This is the basis of masterpiece works of art. The same style of dress is a different look in different designs. The portal svadebka.ws will help to deal with the selection of a suitable material.

Fabric for the base of wedding dresses
The basis can be satin, brocade, crepe, silk, etc. And to divide them according to the following principle:
Summer fabricsThe most wedding season is, of course, summer. And this time of year is not infrequently characterized by high temperatures. Therefore, summer wedding fabrics should be natural and light. Continue reading

Path to the registry office for men: what should I remember?
Every man approaches the decision to propose to his beloved woman thoroughly, having carefully weighed everything. It is a well – known fact that it is much more difficult for…


Relations of the daughter-in-law with the mother-in-law: advice from psychologists
Sometimes many girls, when they are getting married, are poorly aware that they are part of another, in fact, alien family. Unfortunately, the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law do not always…


Morning of the bride before the wedding - view from the photographer's side
What could be more beautiful than a bride's morning? Gentle stretching on the eve of the most grandiose event in the life of every girl, tremulous movements of the eyelashes,…


Pair t-shirts for newlyweds
If you want to surprise your friends at the wedding, you can buy them a pair of t-shirts for the newlyweds, which will come in very handy after the holiday…