Wedding gifts for competitions
No wedding is complete without fun contests for newlyweds and guests. Funny quizzes and funny wedding scenes set the mood for the evening and perfectly defuse the atmosphere in the…

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Where do they wear an engagement ring?
An engagement ring is presented by a young man to his beloved at the moment when he offers her to become his wife. This is a very old and touching…

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Everything for a wedding with your own hands (ideas)
Preparing for a wedding is a very troublesome business that requires a lot of effort and attention. Therefore, newlyweds often entrust this important stage to a wedding Agency. But after…

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How to start preparing for a wedding

A wedding is an unforgettable celebration when the bride and groom officially become a family. As a rule, the painting is accompanied by a holiday. It can be chamber or large-scale – in any case, you need to prepare for it in advance. The portal will definitely tell you how to prepare for your wedding.

Bride’s diary
Preparing for the wedding
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How the wedding goes: organization and planning

Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding, imagining it in every detail. But not everyone knows how the wedding actually goes. Every time there is a huge set of questions that take time and effort. Portal offers a plan of action for a great wedding.

How to make the right preparations before the wedding?
Before this exciting day comes, you will have to solve several important questions.

How to conduct matchmaking and whether it is necessary. You can pay tribute to tradition or just make do with a formal dinner with the bride’s parents. Continue reading

Wedding tips for newlyweds before the wedding

While preparing for a wedding, there is a high probability of drowning in the mountains of to-do lists and getting completely confused. To prevent this from happening, the has prepared wedding tips for you. They will help you highlight the most important things and allocate time correctly.

Wedding tips
Everything you need to know about a wedding
In fact, to write down all the most important things you need to know about a wedding, just one page of Notepad is enough. It should be a schematic framework of the upcoming celebration. Continue reading

Relationship: who is who in the family (diagram)
Families are not as big as they used to be. It is enough to know who your grandchildren, nephews, grandparents, and cousins are. And all the others are just called…


Dry cleaning of the wedding dress – putting the outfit in order
Dry cleaning of wedding dresses often falls on the shoulders of wedding salons that rent out outfits. Before the dress appears again on the hanger of the salon, and it…


Wedding vows of the bride and groom (examples)
In Europe, it is a widespread tradition to recite vows during a wedding ceremony. In our country, this custom came recently, but is rapidly gaining popularity. For many lovers, it…


Registration of marriage without a ceremony
The idea of a formal marriage registration is not exciting, because initially you planned to play a wedding for two? Or maybe you know the template phrases of the wedding…