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Surprise for my husband’s wedding: we find a worthy replacement for the song

The traditional surprise, which the bride pleases her chosen one, is a song. However, not every girl has good enough vocal skills to sing really beautifully and please her new husband and guests. There are many excellent alternatives to such a surprise. Wedding portal presents to its readers the top 5 great ideas, each of which, no doubt, will surprise all participants of the wedding ceremony.

Poetry-the language of love
A truly sincere and heartfelt poem, read with the appropriate expression, will not leave anyone indifferent. It is important to choose a verse that will touch your own soul strings, but you will be able to hold back tears (in no case can you ruin your makeup! ). Soft, soft music on the background will create the right atmosphere and set all the guests in the right mood.

You can also try to compose or find on the Internet (the first option, of course, is preferable) a verse-acronym with the name of the groom. This is a verse in which the first letters of each new line eventually form the name of a loved one or a Declaration of love. In this case, it is better to display the text of the image on a large screen, so that all guests understand the trick of the surprise.

If we don’t sing, we dance!
Also a great replacement for the song. And it is not necessary to put a complex dance that requires a lot of time to prepare. First of all, the bride usually doesn’t have much time before the wedding. Secondly, in most cases, this dance will be problematic to perform in a wedding dress. Therefore, a more acceptable option for the wedding portal is represents a simple dance, perhaps in the company of bridesmaids and/or under the General favorite composition of the newlyweds.

Incendiary dance of the bride and her bridesmaids
Betting on memories
Until the moment of marriage, a young couple experiences together, as a rule, a lot of pleasant moments. Some of them remain captured in photographs. Therefore, you can make a slide show of all the shared photos from the very beginning of Dating. If you try very hard, the last photo in the slide show can be a photo from the registry Office. But this mission is better to entrust to another person, the bride on the wedding day will not have a single extra second.

If the bride and groom are well acquainted from childhood, you can try and find their joint children’s photos. A slide show in the format “15 years ago – now” will look very touching. But at the same time, it will not require significant wedding expenses.

A real family heirloom will be a kind of diary of memories, where you can paste not only photos, but also air tickets, postcards, letters (even if taken from the archives of social networks and printed).

Documentary evidence
Couples with a good sense of humor will like this option. This can be a joke power of attorney, diploma or certificate confirming the inviolability of the newlyweds ‘ ties. You can find many examples of such documents on the web, or you can use your imagination and compose a text yourself, mentioning something in it that only you two can understand.

An example of the humorous power of attorney
The air-romantic option
This surprise is suitable for couples who are set up for a romantic mood. We are talking about a balloon flight. Of course, this is the most expensive of all options. In addition, it is necessary to calculate at what point of the wedding ceremony it will be most appropriate to leave the guests and go on an air trip. Perhaps you should leave such a surprise on the second day of the ceremony. Or maybe even make a balloon a kind of wedding cortege? ! Anyway, a hot air balloon flight will give the newlyweds a lot of emotions and impressions and make this day truly memorable!

Bridal flight in a hot air balloon
We have listed not all possible options for a surprise for the groom. In this case, it is better to show your own imagination. In addition, every bride knows well what her chosen one will like. However, these tips can guide you in the right direction and make an amazing surprise, giving a huge dose of joy to your loved one!

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