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Wedding guests who are all enraged

A wedding is the most important event for the newlyweds, and everyone understands this. However, almost every holiday there are people who ruin everything. The most interesting thing is that such guests at the wedding do not even understand that they are doing something wrong. Even if they force everyone to dance to their tune or draw themselves to excessive attention.

Portal Svadebka.ws offers to consider common mistakes of guests at a wedding and find out what kind of people are furious. Such “individuals” will either spoil your holiday, or they will affect it in a negative way. You will have to either talk to them in advance, or think about whether or not to call such not very cool guests to a wedding at all.

Guests who are all enraged at the wedding
10th place – “Tardies”
There are many reasons why a person is late. But if your guest is not just late for a wedding banquet or painting, but always and everywhere arrives later than the appointed time, most likely, he believes that nothing interesting would happen without him. Whether to invite such guests to a wedding is up to you!

9th place – “Uncollected”
This is a kind of “tardiness” that are not independent. At the most inopportune moment, they begin to annoy the newlyweds with questions: “How to dress?”, “What time is registration?”, “What to give?”, “Where is the restaurant?” and so on. That is, such people are late in life, and they want to answer another question with a counter-question: “Where have you been before?” If you have a clear timing of the wedding day, a dress code, a planned program, unassembled guests can ruin your holiday with their sluggishness.

8th place – “Fashion Models”
If the memory of the wedding day is dear to you, and you want to keep it with beautiful photos, the guests of the photo model at the wedding will not let you do it. They will constantly climb into the frame, pose, suddenly pop up in the background, etc. Someone thinks this is ridiculously funny, someone sincerely does not understand what he is doing wrong. In any case, it’s better not to call such guests, or to do a photo session for two at all, and send all invited to a restaurant.

7th place – “Dancers”
Guests who forget about everything at the wedding and dance as if for the last time is a real headache. This may be a bridesmaid with a striptease, or a friend of the groom with a break dance, who kicks the plates on the table and the guests passing by. It is worth a little to cool their ardor and explain which dances of the guests at the wedding will be appropriate and which will not.

6th place – “Merry Fellow”
A “special” sense of humor is more like a diagnosis, therefore such people should never be given a microphone in their hands. They will be inappropriate to joke, tease the bride and groom, recalling their children’s mistakes. Such “cheerful” guests at the wedding are more likely to spoil the mood of the newlyweds and make others blush, rather than become the soul of the company and make everyone around laugh.

5th place – “Bores”
This is the category of people who should not be given a microphone. They will talk toasts for too long, recall past events, be distracted by other topics. The original congratulations of the newlyweds are not for them, because they will long remember the ancient Mongol parable, along with supplementing it with unimportant details, which will euthanize all those present.

4th place – “Stars”
If your loved one whom you are going to invite to the wedding is too selfish, then it is necessary to carry out “preparatory” work with him or not to call at all. For example, it can be a friend who puts on a designer dress of the highest class, because she can afford it, or even a white dress, because this color suits her.

3rd place – “Advisers”
Agree, there is nothing worse than unnecessary advice and the opinions of others that were not asked. For example, these are phrases like: “If I were you, I would choose another restaurant for a banquet.” The venue has already been selected, the event is in full swing, and if the guest does not like something, he can go straight to that very different restaurant.

A wedding is a celebration of the young. And only they decide how to carry it out. Guests are only entitled to decide whether to come or not. And if you come, then you should enjoy the holiday and not spoil it for others.

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