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Second wedding day: ideas, tips and traditions

A wedding is a holiday that you want to celebrate on a Grand scale! And after all before so and did, extending the feast on three days, and sometimes – and on longer! Over time, the traditions have changed, and now young people are not always sure that they want to celebrate the 2nd wedding day. After all, this is not only an additional financial expense, but also a moral one.

Wedding will try to dispel all doubts about whether to celebrate the second day of the wedding. It will also tell you current ideas and share useful tips.

Second day of the wedding
Fun 2 day
in Russian style
Traditions of the second wedding day
In Russia, the second wedding day was given special significance. And the main tradition was a joint visit to the bathhouse by the newly married couple. It was believed that this ritual washes away all the sins of the past life and helps the young to enter family life with pure thoughts. Moreover, young people always took with them brooms, presented to the groom by the bride.

In the bath
After the bath, the couple went to the house, and the first to go to the husband, and after him-the new wife. This tradition allowed us to emphasize who would be in charge of the young family.

Traditionally, on the 2nd day of the wedding, the main treat was a loaf baked by the bride’s mother, and pancakes for the groom.

Pancakes. In the best Russian traditions
It was considered a good tradition to give alms, not necessarily at the Church.

On the second day, the bride had to demonstrate her skills to the new husband’s family. For example, to embroider, knit, cook, clean. And relatives of the groom, in turn, with jokes and jokes tried to prevent the girl.

Of course, in the modern world, few people turn to the origins and adhere to the traditions of their ancestors, but those customs can be taken as a basis and come up with unusual ideas for the second wedding day.

Among the modern traditions to allocate:
Arranged substitution of the bride and groom, or the second day of the wedding with mummers. False newlyweds took seats at the table of the spouses, and they, in turn, have to buy them out. And as the” currency ” – completed tasks;
The bride gives gifts to the groom’s relatives. By the way, at some weddings gifts are presented on the first day of the celebration;
An unusual scenario of meeting guests is a great way to charge your loved ones with positive emotions at the beginning of the second day of the wedding;
Distribution of glasses. The bride, after thanking the groom’s parents for their son, carries a tray with glasses to the guests. Guests are required to take a glass and put money in its place;
Joint planting of the tree. The main thing is to buy a seedling and a shovel in advance;
Young people plant a tree
Pancakes for guests. Another way to “make a fortune” for a young family. The bride treats the invited guests with pancakes, which she prepared herself, and asks for a bill in return.
To make the second day of the wedding pass with a Bang, you should think over the plan and ideas of the holiday in advance. A clearly scheduled day is a guarantee that everything will be exactly as you planned.

2 wedding day: main points of preparation
Do you know where to start preparing for the second wedding day? We advise you to pay attention to several important points presented below.

Organization of the second wedding day:
Place. It is very important to choose a place where you can relax and enjoy the first day of married life. Among the options you can consider: the second day of the wedding in nature (river Bank, rope town, boat), in a restaurant or cafe, at home or in the country (depending on the season);
On the boat
In nature
Newlyweds ‘ clothing. First of all, the appearance of the couple depends on the place where the holiday is planned. But, as a rule, expensive outfits on this day are not appropriate. Allow yourself to relax by choosing comfortable and comfortable clothing: t-shirts with jeans for a holiday in nature; a light white dress for the second day for the bride and comfortable trousers with a shirt without a tie for the groom, if the holiday is planned in a cafe, etc.;
T-shirts for a couple
Festive menu. Many put on the table dishes left over from the main wedding day. But this is extremely wrong! After all, after a luxurious feast the day before, many guests may have a heaviness in the stomach and a hangover. Try to put on the table treats baked in the oven or cooked in a steamer with a delicious sauce. On day 2, give up fried, spicy, fat. Give preference to light snacks from vegetables, fish, chicken and seafood. A good option will be a festive table, which presents dishes of the newlyweds ‘ favorite cuisine. Treats can carry a special meaning, for example, if the young are going to France on their honeymoon, you can surprise guests with delicious French cuisine. If a couple has already had a joint vacation, where, for example, lovers decided to get married, then the kitchen will help to refresh warm memories;
Entertainments. Do you want to celebrate your second wedding day bright and fun? Pay special attention to the entertainment program. Contests on the second day can be held without a toastmaster, the main thing is that there are active guests among the relatives who will charge with their positive and fervor. Delving into the search for entertainment, you will be surprised at how diverse and interesting the contests can be. The main thing is the energetic participation of the newlyweds and the involvement of all guests in what is happening.
Entertainment on the second day
When planning the main celebration to the smallest detail, do not forget to think in advance how you want to spend the second day of the wedding. It should maintain a festive mood, and not just go into the category of drank-ate-dispersed.

3 options for how to spend the second wedding day
So you’ve decided on the continuation of the celebration, but don’t know how to celebrate the second day of the wedding? We offer you 3 interesting ways to spend this day in an unusual and colorful way:

Costume party. We all dream to visit a new image for ourselves. Treat yourself and your guests to this opportunity by arranging a costume party! Theme – any close to you, the main thing is to prepare the necessary attributes: accessories, design, music, photo zones. You can warn your guests in advance about the style of the second day of the wedding, so that everyone can come up with their own image. Or you can make a surprise party for your loved ones. But then the search and selection of costumes will fall entirely on you;

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