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Wedding trivia: take care of your guests!
Preparing for a wedding is an interesting but difficult task! After all, you need to think everything through to the smallest detail, in the literal sense of the word. Not…

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Wedding trivia: take care of your guests!

Preparing for a wedding is an interesting but difficult task! After all, you need to think everything through to the smallest detail, in the literal sense of the word. Not only buy wedding dresses and accessories, rent a hall and a car for the wedding, but also prepare small things that will help take care of the guests and make their stay at the festival comfortable and interesting! Wedding will tell you about them!

Yes, as banal as it sounds, but wedding invitations are the first accessories that will help you pay attention to your family and friends. You can hand them over in person, send them by mail as a letter, or virtually-which of these options to choose is up to you.

In any case, invitations are the first opportunity not only to invite your family and friends to your wedding, but also to tell them about the upcoming celebration: the place and date, style, dress code. Why is this important? You inform your guests about the holiday in advance so that they can prepare, buy clothes in accordance with the dress code, etc.

Wedding invitation
Trivia for meeting guests and navigation
Often guests come to the wedding Banquet before the newlyweds. That is why it is so important to organize their meeting correctly. And we are not talking about the work of the host and animators, but about the following details:

a wedding program that tells you when a particular stage of the celebration will begin;
signs that will help guests navigate the wedding space: tell you where the guest tables, buffet table, photo zone, etc. are located. ;
bags “Welcome” (welcome bag). They are gift bags (bags) with various little things that can be useful at a wedding or after it. For example, for a summer wedding in nature, it can be sunglasses, water bottles and sunscreen.
Wedding program
Signs for guests
Banquet cards and Seating plan
The next pleasant surprise for guests will be the Seating plan and Banquet cards, with which they can quickly find their seats at the wedding tables.

A Seating plan written in crayons
Wedding disco: we take care of our guests!
Many guests will come to the wedding in new shoes, and girls will generally wear high-heeled shoes – there is no place to dance! Take care of your guests-prepare slates, ballet flats or Slippers for them to change into so that they can have fun dancing with you and the rest of the guests! Believe me, your family and friends will appreciate this idea!

Bonbonnieres in the new world
No modern wedding is complete without bonbonnieres-touching gifts for guests. If you want bonbonnieres to be really useful, then think about what can be useful to your guests during the celebration or after it, the portal advises For example, if you have a summer wedding, you can give your guests personalized umbrellas from the sun, if the celebration takes place in winter – then mittens.

Or you can give guests bonbonnieres that will be useful and funny, such as aspirin or a hangover remedy. Someone will laugh at your joke, and someone, perhaps, will be grateful to you for such a gift on the morning after the wedding! Guests will appreciate not only the attention to them, but also your sense of humor!

Taking care of guests: focusing on the season
Depending on the time of year, you can take care of your guests. In the case of a summer wedding or outdoor check-in, prepare the following details for your guests:

slates or Slippers that make it easy for guests to walk on the lawn;
fans to help guests cool off on a hot day;
umbrellas from the sun;
small water bottles placed in ice containers;
sunglasses that will save guests from the bright sun and will be an excellent props for a photo shoot;

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