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TOP 5 mistakes when preparing for a wedding

All brides dream of having their wedding held at the highest level. However, unfortunately, some newlyweds make a number of typical mistakes when preparing for a wedding. Because of this, unpleasant situations arise later, both at the celebration itself and after it. In this article, you will learn about what not to do when preparing for your own wedding. These are typical mistakes!

“We will entrust the photo shoot to someone from relatives or friends»
There are some relatives who call you before the wedding and tell you not to spend money on photographers and cameramen, but to entrust the shooting to them – home-grown masters of photography. After all, first of all, they have a semi-professional camera that they take to any feast, and secondly, they bring photos from the sea every year, where people hold the sun in their hands. If they can handle this production, they can handle the wedding for sure. As a result, the newlyweds receive a photo report of 700 photos with red eyes, blocked horizons, bad moments and photos of the photographer’s family.

Conclusion: if you want to have only pleasant impressions and perfect photos from your wedding, trust professionals to take photos. You can save money on anything, but not on memories.

Wedding photography
“Let’s do without a wedding plan»
A dangerous misconception that sometimes creeps into the reasoning of some newlyweds: “Everything will turn out by itself. We don’t need a plan.” Unfortunately, without a clear goal setting and splitting it into stages, you should not even start preparing for the wedding. After all, this will constitute a chaotic set of actions. In the end, you will still forget something.

Conclusion: to ensure that the organization of the wedding does not turn into chaos, you should make a clear and workable plan.

Wedding plan
“You can prepare for your wedding on your own and in just a couple of weeks»
The common misconception that you can prepare for a wedding in a couple of weeks, led many brides eventually to a nervous breakdown. After all, if your wedding takes place in the warm season, it is simply impossible to deal with a huge number of purchases and organizational issues in such a short period of time. In addition, most good specialists are booked not only for a month, but for 2-3 months or more.

Conclusion: if you want your wedding to be perfect from ” A ” to “Z”, then you should start preparing for it in advance, at least 3-4 months in advance.

Buying a dress
“I’ll do my own hair and makeup.”
Even if you are able to make yourself a beautiful hairstyle and makeup, do not do this difficult thing on your wedding day. Nerves, excitement, and other factors can ruin your holiday mood. But at the celebration, you should Shine with your beauty and perfection!

Conclusion: if you want to impress the groom and all the guests with your beauty, it is better to entrust the creation of your wedding image to a professional stylist-makeup artist.

Make-up artist for a wedding
“We don’t need a host»
If you think that you can do without a host at a wedding, then we will try to convince you. Even if your celebration will be attended by a “Joker” who will make all the guests laugh, it is worth thinking about whether he will be able to conduct wedding ceremonies or a gift-giving ritual beautifully. After all, the host is not just a “ringleader” who amuses the guests, but also a coordinator who suggests when and in what form it is better to hold a particular stage of the wedding celebration (wedding dance, throwing a bouquet, etc.).

Conclusion: if you want your guests to remember your wedding Banquet only from the positive side, it is better to entrust the celebration to a professional host, and not to a cheerful uncle Vasya.

Leading to the wedding
Avoiding the above mistakes, you will be able to organize a truly luxurious wedding celebration, perfect in every detail.

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