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What to do with the bride’s wedding bouquet

That brings me to the end of the day you’ve been waiting for. The dress and suit of the newlyweds went to the dry cleaners, the veil is solemnly hanging in the bedroom, the shoes are neatly folded in a box. There is one flower accessory that has never been used, and it will soon wither. So what to do with the bride’s bouquet after the wedding? The wedding portal team.ws offers several options:

leave it as a souvenir, if it was made of artificial materials,
dry the wedding bouquet,
down to the river.
In the case of fresh flowers, the main thing is not to let them wither. To do this, immediately after the celebration, update the sections of flowers and put them in settled water at room temperature. This will give you a head start in a couple of days to think about the question “What to do with the bride’s bouquet?”.

Whether to store the bride’s bouquet
Bride’s bouquet
What to do with the bride’s bouquet after the wedding
How to store an artificial bride’s bouquet?
This does not require complex actions, because they are not subject to temporary changes. The composition of beads, ribbons, felt will not lose its original appearance for many years, and you will show it to your children, and maybe your grandchildren. Here it is important to know how to store a wedding bouquet correctly, because it will be doubted if you throw it in the back shelf of the wardrobe, or it will be eaten by a moth if you forget it in the closet. Set aside a small corner of holiday memories, where there will be photos from the holiday and flowers in a beautiful vase. But if there is not enough space in the apartment, choose a cardboard box to fit it. You can also store the bride’s bouquet by wrapping it in newspaper or craft paper after the wedding: take it out either for an anniversary, or on any other day, you will see the accessory in its original form.

Can I store a wedding bouquet after the wedding, if I dry it?
More and more often girls order two compositions:

the main one, insanely beautiful, with a chic leg of the wedding bouquet,
understudy, a simpler version that a girl throws to unmarried girlfriends.
What to do with the bride’s caught bouquet and how much to store it – the care of the lucky woman who caught it. But the main option can be dried after the wedding, so that it does not have time to wither. Where to put the dried bouquet of the bride-you decide: you can, according to the reception, burn it on the first anniversary of the wedding, and you can admire as much as your heart desires. The burning of the “festive dried flower” on the calico anniversary is an omen of a happy family future and a ritual of logical completion of the first stage of the young people’s joint life. Leaving the accessory at home, you can design a memory corner, as previously described. The main thing is to make sure that there are no insects in it. Hide in a box or paper is unlikely to work, because dry plants are very fragile and brittle. And remember, keeping dried flowers at home is not a good sign.

Save the bride’s bouquet
Bride’s bouquet
Dry the bride’s bouquet
How to store the bride’s bouquet
Where to put the bride’s bouquet after the wedding, if you do not want to throw it away?
If you have spent a lot of time and effort to create the perfect bride’s bouquet, then you do not want to throw it away. Drying it out and keeping it in the apartment doesn’t seem like a good idea either. Then you should do the following: on the third night after the wedding, lower the wedding bouquet to the river with the words “the Flowers that my intended gave me, let them float with the current, and years of happiness will bring us with our beloved. Clean water watered, sun rays pampered, around the world swim, bring us health.” This rite, according to the reception, charges the family with positive energy for many years. Don’t forget to take a picture of this action.

Throw away the bride’s bouquet
Throw away the wedding bouquet
What to do with a wedding bouquet
Where to put the bride’s bouquet
Other ideas for use and disposal
If you are confused about whether to store the bride’s bouquet, listen to your inner voice. How important it is to you, does it have a symbolic meaning, or is it just a decoration that complements the image, and will soon just lose its appearance. If you choose the second, then the question arises whether you can throw away the wedding bouquet. To begin with, you can officially throw it out at the end of the holiday: over your shoulder into a crowd of unmarried girls – this is the most natural way to get rid of it. But if for some reason this could not be done, then let it stand for a few days in a beautiful vase, please with pleasant and exciting memories, and when it begins to wither – send it to the trash, discarding all prejudices. Don’t think about bad things – they won’t happen!

Also, girls are interested in whether you can store the bride’s bouquet at home with your mother or mother-in-law. There are no bad signs or assumptions about this. Only if its presence does not interfere with the owner of the house, make sure that no one is allergic to pollen.

Wedding bouquet
Can I store the bride’s bouquet after the wedding
Storing the bride’s bouquet after the wedding
Bride’s bouquet after the wedding
Fun tips
Don’t know what to do with a wedding bouquet? Here are some fun ideas from the site www.svadebka.ws:

flowers that your mother-in-law is allergic to-a powerful talisman against unwanted guests-leave it right at the entrance,
the wedding element of garlic heads is always useful in the kitchen,
putting the floral arrangement in a prominent place, hide the stash there from your husband – he will never guess,
create an accessory from the groom’s favorite chocolates – the question of recycling will not even arise.

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