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Where do they wear an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is presented by a young man to his beloved at the moment when he offers her to become his wife. This is a very old and touching tradition that symbolizes the seriousness of a man’s intentions. The Portal will tell you which hand to wear an engagement ring on and how to wear it.

On which finger is an engagement ring worn?
In the Jewish tradition, it is worn on the index finger, in most others – on the ring finger, sometimes in the same place where the wedding ring is worn in Russia. Here are two versions of the appearance of this beautiful custom.

The groom proposes to the bride
Eastern version
For the first time, engagement rings were given in Ancient Egypt. They were made of gold and symbolized love and loyalty.

At the time, it was believed that when a ring is worn on a particular finger, it can tell certain information about its owner. Thus, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was associated with the ring finger. Therefore, this” ringed ” finger meant either marriage, or the proximity to its conclusion.

Gold engagement ring with a diamond
On which finger should I wear an engagement ring
The Slavic version
In pre-Christian times, our ancestors were pagans and worshipped a whole Pantheon of gods. Among them was Yarila, the Sun God, who acted as the protector of all life on earth. This deity in the Slavic tradition was associated with the ring finger of a person, which was put on an engagement ring. It had to be smooth, without patterns, because according to beliefs, patterns could violate the sacred properties of the object.

The ring itself was made of gold, just like the ancient Egyptians. It was believed that this material carries a special, masculine energy. The woman also gave her man a silver ring filled with lunar, female energy. This is how universal harmony was created in the family.

Engagement and proposal
Offer hands and hearts
Despite the huge differences between our and Eastern cultures, both of them consider the engagement ring an important attribute of the entire wedding ceremony.

On which hand is an engagement ring worn?
It is easy to guess that there are only two possible options-left or right hand. The choice may depend on several factors:

national and religious traditions;
personal preference.
Both engagement and wedding rings are worn by Orthodox and Catholics in different ways. In Catholicism, it is customary to put a ring on the ring finger of the left hand. The tradition was born in Ancient Egypt with the appearance of the ring and was the result of advances in the study of human anatomy. It was believed that this finger is connected to the heart by a single nerve, which is very symbolic for marriage.

According to the rules of Orthodoxy, an engagement ring is worn only on the right hand. It is considered “clean”, correct. The same hand is chosen by the national traditions of Greece, Colombia, Spain and some other countries.

Engagement ring
Offer and surprise
If the future spouses decide not to adhere to any of the canons and traditions, they have the right to determine for themselves how to wear an engagement ring.

Can I remove my engagement ring?
The answer to this question again depends on the degree of adherence to traditions. According to our customs, it should be worn until the wedding.

Beliefs about an engagement ring, as well as folk omens about wedding rings, also recommend that you always wear it on your hand, whatever it is: simple, expensive, with or without a diamond. Moreover, it is believed that the one from whose finger the ring is removed, thereby shortens his life. So energy is given, and with it health, well-being and happiness.

Medicine has a completely different opinion. To prevent the ring from squeezing the vessels on the finger, it must be removed from time to time. Dangerous production, domestic circumstances – all these are also good reasons why a precious product can sometimes take its place on the dressing table.

Omens about engagement rings
As for how to wear an engagement ring after the wedding, there are also several options.

According to tradition, it is removed and stored in a box, as a family heirloom. It is a good sign to pass this ring on by inheritance.
Wear the engagement ring with the engagement ring, but under it, as in the photo.
Move to the ring finger of the left hand.
Engagement and wedding rings
Engagement and wedding rings together
If you want to wear both engagement and wedding rings, then take care of their combination in advance.

It happens that the ring can be lost. The signs say disturbing things about this, but we advise, first of all, not to give in to panic. It’s quite possible that it just slipped off, so look around carefully. If you can not find it, do not despair, but just go and buy a new one. The jeweler will definitely choose a similar one according to your oral description and even tell you how to choose an engagement ring.

A woman with an engagement ring
How to wear an engagement ring before and after the wedding depends on various factors and the couple’s worldview. Whether to follow religious rules or folk traditions, only the young can decide. A portal reminds that marriage is not about rings and tinsel, but, above all, understanding and love between two hearts.

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