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How the wedding goes: organization and planning

Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding, imagining it in every detail. But not everyone knows how the wedding actually goes. Every time there is a huge set of questions that take time and effort. Portal offers a plan of action for a great wedding.

How to make the right preparations before the wedding?
Before this exciting day comes, you will have to solve several important questions.

How to conduct matchmaking and whether it is necessary. You can pay tribute to tradition or just make do with a formal dinner with the bride’s parents.
Choose a wedding date. Keep in mind that summer and winter are popular times for such an event, so free numbers in the registry Offices for these periods are very quickly sorted out.
Choosing a wedding date
Apply for marriage registration. Today, this can be done online or in person.
Choose a witness and a female witness. They are one of the key characters of the wedding day, so you need to approach this issue very responsibly.
Make a budget for the wedding, book a host, decorators and other professionals, as well as a place for a Banquet. The same rule applies here as with the registry Offices – in summer and winter it is more difficult to do this than at other times, due to the influx of applicants.
Planning a wedding budget
Decide how to spend the second day of the wedding. Sometimes the first day is the main celebration, and the next day the young people relax and have fun with friends.
Decide on the wedding dresses of the bride and groom, wedding rings and a list of invited guests.
Beautiful newlyweds
Usually, preparing a wedding from the beginning to the end takes from three months to six months.

What should witnesses do on their wedding day?
Finally, the long-awaited wedding date arrives. From the beginning of the day to its end, a lot of time passes, the newlyweds are in constant motion all day, which sometimes becomes a real test for them. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to shift some responsibilities to the witnesses, then do not miss it.

Several recommendations to the witness
Make sure that the groom does not forget his wedding rings and passports.
Be the” administrator ” of the event and an assistant (bring, help, call a taxi, etc.). He must thoroughly know how the wedding day is going, and promptly respond to any changes in the plan.
Newlyweds with friends
Recommendations to the witness
Check the props for the photo shoot.
Make sure that the tuple is decorated as planned.
Be in touch with a photographer, videographer, make-up artist and hairdresser.
Bride with a witness
These are the main traditional tasks. In General, witnesses should keep a sharp eye on how the holiday is going, so that there are no unforeseen situations and unnecessary tension at the wedding.

How does the marriage procedure go in the registry Office?
From General experience, we can say that the best time to register a marriage is up to 14 hours. The procedure itself has already been worked out for decades and goes according to the usual procedure, which greatly facilitates the organization of a modern wedding.

Here is a mandatory list of what you need to take with you:

light snacks and light alcohol to celebrate,
the bride’s purse.
Registration in the registry Office
Newlyweds and guests should arrive at the registry office in advance, so that then do not worry and do not rush. By the appointed time, the employees of the institution call the couple to complete the documents. Their passports are officially stamped with a note stating that the marriage was registered on that day.

Then the couple solemnly enters the hall to the music of the Mendelssohn March. The Registrar makes a solemn speech, which ends with the exchange of rings. After that, the couple goes through the process of marriage registration, puts the paintings in special acts and receives a marriage certificate. Guests congratulate the young family, and everyone leaves for the wedding Banquet. Young people join after a walk around the city and a photo shoot according to the schedule of the wedding day.

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