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When to apply to the civil registry office: answers to questions

Painting in the registry Office – the official recognition of the birth of a new family. Moreover, many people think whether it is possible to get married without registration in the registry Office, but the answer to this question is unequivocally negative. There are a number of rules that you need to follow to avoid unpleasant surprises in the preparation of such an important event for the newlyweds. Wedding will tell you how much to apply to the registry office and how it can be done.

How much do I need to apply to the civil registry office
First of all, you must remember that the application itself must be written by both future spouses. The law says that the application to the registry office should be submitted for as long as it takes for the young to think about their decision well, finally decide on their feelings and do not act rashly. As a rule, we are talking about a period of at least a month. Recently, it has become possible to book the desired date six months in advance, but this still does not cancel the need to comply with the established rules. During this time, young people will be able to decide whether they want to sign under normal conditions, or they need to register their marriage on-site.

Registration in the registry office
Conditions of application
In order to register a marriage in the registry Office, you need to know that the legal age of marriage in Russia is 18 years, when a person is considered an adult. There are cases when you can get married or get married from the age of 16. This can happen due to military conscription, pregnancy, or the birth of a child.

The bride and groom in the registry Office
There are also a number of cases where marriage is not possible:
If the marriage is declared fictitious.
The happy couple
Application documents
The law clearly defines the list of what you need to provide in the registry Office. Thus, citizens of the Russian Federation must present:

National passports.
Receipt for payment of state duty.
If the marriage is entered into by minors, a permit is required.
Those who are not married for the first time must provide a certificate of divorce or death of their spouse.
The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation
When registering a marriage with a foreigner, this list includes a notarized translation of the foreign citizen’s passport, a copy of the visa, as well as a document that indicates that there are no obstacles to marriage under the legislation of another country. Consideration of documents will take about the same time as waiting for citizens of the Russian Federation to submit an application to the civil registry office.

Marriage to a foreigner
Keep in mind that you can apply to any registry office at your place of residence, regardless of registration. Also, the law does not prohibit applying to several authorities at once in order to be sure to get married on the chosen date. But at the same time, each registry office will have to submit a separate set of documents and pay state duty.

Couple in the registry office
Electronic submission of the application
If young people cannot or do not want to apply for registration in person, they can do so via the Internet using the Official Internet portal of public services.

The procedure is free of charge, it requires a computer with Internet access.

Couple behind the tablet
Registration on the site
In order to perform any actions using the portal, you must first register on it. To do this, you need to:

Select the “Registration” section on the main page of the portal.
Fill out a form for each member of the future family in accordance with the requirements of the form.
The Portal Of Public Services
To send the data for verification.
As a rule, the verification process takes up to two weeks, after which a personal code will be sent to the specified email address, which you will need to enter when using the portal.

Filing of application
After the code is received, you need to log in and use it to perform the following actions:

Go to the “Electronic services” tab.
Select “civil registry Office” and then “marriage Registration”.
Complete the form.
Specify the registry office (s) where the application will be submitted.
Make a reservation for the date and time of filing the application for marriage registration.
Apply by clicking on “Get service”.
Happy couple
Both spouses must complete the registration procedure from their personal pages. After that, after some time, the specified email address on the portal will receive notifications from the system about how to quickly register a marriage through the portal.

On the specified day, you will need to come to the registry office with the original documents and a receipt for payment of state duty for verification. The fee can also be paid via the public Services portal.

Thus, you need to start submitting an application to the registry office via the Internet as much time as it can take to send your personal code, i.e. at least two to two and a half months before the selected date. If there is a desire not just to sign, but to conclude a marriage contract, then this can be done both before entering into marriage, and at any time during it.

Marriage contract
Urgent marriage registration in the civil registry Office
As mentioned above, there are cases when you can sign for a shorter period of time than is usually the case.

When marriage registration is allowed on the day of filing the application
Here we are talking about special cases when the state meets the young. These can be:

Pregnancy of the bride or the birth of a common child.
Danger to the life of one of the spouses (for example, work in harmful conditions).
A long-term illness that leads to or has already caused serious health complications.
Long business trip.
Conscription of a spouse.
Other cases are at the discretion of the authority’s employees.
The bride and groom
Relevant documents
When you need to submit an application to the registry office urgently, then you should prepare a more extended set of papers than usual. This includes all the documents that couples must prepare, plus:

The child’s birth certificate.
Certificate of pregnancy of the bride.
Certificate of danger to the health of one of the spouses.
Business trip certificate.
Other documents officially confirming the need for accelerated marriage.
You can apply to the civil registry office in different ways, and you need to take into account that it is worth doing it for as many months as the law requires, and not your own desire for future spouses. The Portal is sure that each couple will find a convenient way to submit their application, and the time remaining until registration will be spent in the most pleasant expectations.

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