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Curiosities at weddings: photos and ridiculous cases

Each couple strives to ensure that the most important day of their life goes smoothly. They think through all the details and nuances in advance, analyzing the mistakes of others in preparation for the wedding. However, something may not go as planned. The portal not only tells about unforeseen moments and curiosities at the wedding, but also tells you how to get out of funny situations and turn the course of events in a positive direction.

Curiosities at the wedding
Wedding curiosities: a selection of funny cases with photosSo that you understand what ridiculous situations can happen at a wedding, we bring to your attention a selection of curiosities. So you will know how to get out of funny situations.

Wedding vow of the bride and groom
Recently, among many couples, pronouncing a wedding vow to each other has become popular. It would seem that the bride and groom only need to say the prepared words to each other, but even at this moment an absurd event may occur.

Once, at a wedding ceremony, the groom swore an oath, looking in the eyes not of his beloved, but of the ceremony registrar. Yielding to excitement, he did not pay attention to the actions of the bride, who pushed him to the side and tried with all her might to remind herself. In the personal archive of these newlyweds there is now a funny video with this wedding curiosity.

As a sign of strong love, exchange rings!
During the ceremony, the bride and groom, according to tradition, make wedding rings. First, the groom is offered to put on his lover’s ring. Then the bride takes the ring, and it can happen that she can not put the bride on the finger. Beloved ones cannot understand why this happens, because the size of the rings was selected in advance. The most important thing – at such moments, do not succumb to panic, but try to still finish what you started. As a result, a jerk, and a ring is put on the ring finger of the groom. Such a funny video from the ceremony has many newlyweds. But this curiosity does not spoil the wedding in any way, but only makes the situation more funny and positive, the main thing is not to panic.

The bride puts on the ring
Did the groom forget the wedding rings? No problem!
Usually the groom takes responsibility for the wedding rings and brings them to the marriage. It often happens that a beloved, in a fit of emotion, forgets the rings at home and remembers them only upon arrival at the registry office. If time permits, you can ask a witness to pick them up from the house of the ring. If you get far to your home, you can get out of this situation by buying new rings in the nearest jewelry store. It happens that in the case of such a curiosity, the parents give their rings “for rent” to the young and thus save the wedding ceremony.

Forgotten box with rings
Pigeons at the wedding
The tradition of releasing snow-white doves at a wedding has been around for a long time. Before releasing them, lovers make a wish, and when released, they look after them. And then comes the very moment, the bride and groom release the pigeons, but they are not in a hurry to fly away. Moreover, they also settled the need for a clean suit of the groom. The guests laugh and reassure the young, saying that it is for the money. A sign regarding a negative moment saved the situation. A similar sign can be used for a wedding in the rain, because it is believed that this is fortunately.

Young release pigeons
Funny wedding toasts
Often, guests under the influence of alcohol say funny toasts and ridiculous phrases. One lady at the wedding began her congratulations with the phrase: “We are escorting the young on their last journey.” Guests look at each other, indignant. The lady was embarrassed and began her toast again: “On this happy day, seeing the young people off on a big road called” family “.” After this phrase, all the guests and the newlyweds laughed together. Much less often, guests confuse the names of the newlyweds and the very reason for the celebration, congratulating the newlyweds on a Happy New Year or a birthday.

Toast guest made everyone laugh at the wedding
Dancing at weddings
Guests or newlyweds at a wedding can relax and dance so that in the end, funny videos appear on social networks. Many guests give free rein to their senses and body, love to have fun and embark on completely strange and funny dances. Often, such curiosities do not overshadow the wedding, but, on the contrary, become its highlight.
Fighting at a wedding
Each couple, of course, wants to avoid any mistakes of guests at the wedding, for example, when a relative of the groom under the influence of alcohol did not like what the relative of the bride said.

You should start thinking about a possible fight at the stage of compiling a list of guests. Remember if at least one of your guests was aggressive in certain situations. If such a person is on the list, but still there is an opportunity to avoid his visit, do so.

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