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Wedding Conflicts: Causes and Solutions

Wedding is the brightest event in the life of young people. It is always filled with touching wedding traditions and customs, warmth and love. But this is also a very responsible step, preparation for which is often accompanied by stress and misunderstanding, which sometimes causes conflicts at the wedding and before it, which can spoil the most significant day for you.

The Wedding.ws portal will analyze in the article the main grounds for conflicts and the types of unpleasant situations that can occur at weddings, so that each of you knows how to avoid them and correctly resolve them. Then your celebration will pass flawlessly. After all, forewarned means armed!
Often at the stage of organizing a wedding, conflicts arise. This is due to the financial aspect or differences in views and tastes. Faced with such problems, it is important to remember that a wedding is a long-awaited event that requires careful preparation, strength and attention, but not at the cost of your relationship.

Before you start planning, discuss all the details with your soul mate. Specify the budget in advance, listening to each other’s opinion. And if you are faced with a disagreement over the fact that you like the color of the sea wave and it is dark green, do not forget that you can always find a compromise.
A wedding is only your event, and so that everything goes exactly as you dreamed – rely on your own interests, desires and tastes. Do not let anyone impose their opinions on you, even if they are parents. But in order not to stir up a conflict, try to politely and carefully avoid an unpleasant topic and ignore all the negativity.
Different views on wedding traditions also give rise to conflicts. If we are talking about religious customs that are significant for your chosen one, you should take them seriously and respectfully, even if you do not share them. In this situation, remember that you become a family. Everything that concerns and interests him now affects you too.

The vision for a future wedding may also be different. For example, the groom may consider that the ransom and theft of the bride is no longer so relevant for holding a modern celebration, and the bride should have the opposite opinion. The only way to resolve everything is to find a compromise and an alternative that satisfies both.
Unfortunately, some people at the wedding have negative emotions, which can cause quarrels. Some people have traits such as envy, jealousy, or just mood swings. Someone may release an inappropriate comment or express their displeasure to you. You cannot be responsible for each guest, much less please everyone. The most effective way out of this situation will be ignoring. Do not let you drag you into conflict and do not react to provocations. It is not worth a spoiled holiday.
Conflicts at weddings are not a rare occurrence; on the network you can find many videos of quarrels at celebrations, including because of jealousy. If someone is present among the guests, and it happens, the main thing is to remain calm.

Of course, it is better to discuss everything in advance, explain to each other your feelings and position in order to avoid an unpleasant situation. But if the issue could not be resolved, remember that in this situation you are the winner. This is your wedding, and the person has already chosen you. Do not let jealousy and emotions take over and ruin everything.
Surely, everyone heard the saying: “What a wedding without a fight?”. In fact, this is just another wedding stereotype that has nothing to do with reality. Any fights, and even more so at weddings, will not lead to anything good, they will only spoil the general mood and your memories of the most important event in life.

Do not forget that a wedding is a major event where you invite your friends and relatives. Each has its own characters and quirks. Wedding fights can be avoided with a careful approach to making a guest list. You are familiar with these people, so when planting, take into account their temperaments, age and interests.

If there are people among the invitees who are in a bad relationship with each other, ask them not to swear in advance and try to put them away from each other.

Fight at the wedding
A competent approach to the guest list and their seating will help to avoid many conflicts. An ideal wedding will remain in your family’s memories with the brightest and most joyful memory, and your guests will say “thank you”. But if you couldn’t avoid the trouble, don’t be in a hurry to be upset, because any situation can be resolved!

Your facilitator may be your facilitator in conflict resolution. He, for sure, has repeatedly encountered similar situations and knows how to smooth them out. Tell him about each guest and your concerns, allowing you to prepare for unforeseen events.

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