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Wedding vows of the bride and groom (examples)

In Europe, it is a widespread tradition to recite vows during a wedding ceremony. In our country, this custom came recently, but is rapidly gaining popularity. For many lovers, it is not enough to simply answer ” Yes ” to a standard question from a civil Registry office employee. After all, marriage registration is the first exciting step in a long life together. This is the most appropriate time to say the warmest and most sincere words to each other and make the most important and valuable promises. The portal team will share with you examples of vows and tips on how to write a wedding vow yourself.

Wedding vows-promises of love and loyalty. Before making a wedding vow, you need to clarify a few questions. They can be divided into:

The wedding vow can be pronounced not only in prose, but also in the form of a song or poem. An original vow will sound-a dialogue during which the bride and groom take turns exchanging confessions and promises. To avoid hitches, it is better to rehearse such an oath in advance.

The most common option is for the bride and groom to take the oath at the exit registration.

If you do not want to deviate from the traditions, you can hold a classic ceremony, and the vow to say during the wedding Banquet, for example, before the first dance or during the ceremony of lighting the hearth.

The wedding vow is traditional for many countries. Each of them has its own characteristics. For example, in Japan, not only newlyweds are responsible for vows made to each other, but also their entire family. In Hinduism, it is customary to say 7 promises, making 7 steps towards each other. In Pakistan, newlyweds make wedding promises and vows only on the third day of the wedding.

Tips for newlyweds on making vows
An impromptu wedding vow is a very risky undertaking. Even if you are confident in your abilities, you should hedge your bets. Excitement can let you down at the most crucial moment. The text should be prepared in advance and discuss all the details with the second half. If you are afraid to forget the words, then prepare a cheat sheet with theses. You can make a speech in the form of a beautiful document and solemnly read it out. This text will be kept by the newlyweds for many years and remind them of a happy wedding day and bright mutual feelings. You can attach the text of the oath to balloons or doves, and then release them into the sky.

During the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds exchange solemn promises
Try to compose a short, meaningful text that will be interesting to listen to. Feel free to Express your emotions. You can talk not only about what you are committed to doing in your married life, but also about why you love your soulmate and why you are happy with her. For writing a wedding advises the bride:

remember the acquaintance and first dates with your lover;
recall your first feelings and emotions;
think about how life has changed since the arrival of the groom.
The groom for the wedding vow can list the qualities for which he loves the bride and plans for a joint life. Ridiculous comparisons should be avoided. For example, say that she is caring, like a mother, or beautiful, like a famous actress. The text of the oath should be simple, clear, concise and sincere.

Exit registration is an option for making a wedding vow
Poem – the oath
An alternative to prose can be the vow of the bride and groom in verse. If you don’t know how to compose poems, you can find them in ready-made wedding scenarios. However, it is not necessary to completely memorize one of the examples. You can combine quatrains from different poems by selecting the promises that you like.

The bride’s vow
My dear, I dedicate my vow to you today
And in front of witnesses for ever I promise:
Be affectionate and loyal always,
And carry love through the years,
And even if the path is difficult,
I promise not to leave it.
We will go through life together
With love pure, tender and big.
I thank God for you.
I’ll give you my care.
I swear – I will try this life
With you it is worthy, happy to live.

The groom’s vow
My dear, dear wife,
In you, I found a beloved and a friend.
I swear to protect you from harm and pain,
And warm your soul with your love.
I’ll be your rock.
I’m ready to turn over all the mountains for you.
I swear to always be loyal, patient.
And our life with you will be happy.
In your eyes, I’m drowning like the sea.
I swear to love for better or for worse.

Exit wedding ceremony
Example of a romantic wedding vow
The wedding vow, which includes cute stories from the life of the bride and groom, declarations of love and touching words, will be especially exciting and memorable.

The groom’s words
I am immensely glad that I met you once. You are my sun and stars, my gentle angel, my fluffy Bunny. With you, all the colors of the world become brighter. You inspire me to do crazy things, and you are the only one who makes me truly happy. I love you with all my heart. I promise to do everything I can and cannot to make you happy and never regret becoming my wife. I swear to protect you and our love from all problems and troubles.

Words of the bride
My darling, my beloved (name of the groom). I’m happy to have you in my life. You make me feel loved, wanted, and protected. Today I join my life with you with full confidence that we will go through our joint path with dignity, in love, joy and harmony. I promise to be the Keeper of the family hearth, to give you care and affection, to create comfort for you. I will be your best wife and a loving mother to our children.

The wedding vow is a touching and emotional moment
Funny wedding vows
When organizing a modern European-style wedding, many people remember the funny and original wedding vows that are often heard in Hollywood movies. The bride and groom who have a good sense of humor may well write their own words a cheerful vow for the wedding, but do not forget to Express sincere feelings.

Cool groom’s vow
I swear to love and respect you. I swear to give flowers and gifts not only on the eighth of March, but also on all other holidays. I swear to take you on vacation not only to the country, but also to the sea. I swear to be loyal to you and not hide my stash.

Funny vows of the bride
I swear to take care of you, love you, and support you. I swear to let you go to your friends on Saturdays so that you don’t interfere with cleaning the apartment. I swear to get cookbooks and indulge in delicious food. I swear, even if I do needlework, I won’t make you a pair of hedgehog gloves. I will always be a loyal and loving wife.

It is better to write the words of the wedding vow yourself
Traditional vow of the bride and groom
The classic wedding vow of the bride and groom is restrained and concise. This option is perfect for conservative and modest newlyweds.

The groom’s speech
When I wear this ring, I take you as my wife and solemnly swear to be faithful and loving, to share with you the joys and sorrows, the victories and failures. I swear to love and protect you until death do us part.

Speech of the bride
I take you to be my lawful husband, and before witnesses I swear to be with you for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. I swear to support and inspire you, to cherish our love until the last breath.

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