Wedding Conflicts: Causes and Solutions
Wedding is the brightest event in the life of young people. It is always filled with touching wedding traditions and customs, warmth and love. But this is also a very…

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Relationship: who is who in the family (diagram)

Families are not as big as they used to be. It is enough to know who your grandchildren, nephews, grandparents, and cousins are. And all the others are just called relatives. But unlike other languages, Russian is not greedy, it has its own name for everyone. It is not easy to thoroughly understand who is who from relatives, and if one of the spouses has relatives added, then it will take a couple of days to remember. To facilitate this process, has prepared a cheat sheet for you.

Who’s who’s who
Names of blood relativesBefore you go to the names of future relatives, first you should understand who is who and who is in your family. There are several degrees of kinship, from the first to the sixth, because then the relationship becomes too distant. So, degrees in descending order:

Father-son / daughter, mother-son/daughter.
Grandparents – grandchildren.
Great-grandparents – great-grandchildren, uncles/aunts-nephews.
Cousins, grandparents – great-nephews / nieces.
Great-uncles / aunts – great-nephews / nieces.
Second cousins brothers and sisters.
Large family
If everything is clear with the first degree, then the names of these relatives have their own nuances. For grandparents, grandchildren are the daughters and sons not only of their children, but also of their nephews.

Uncles / aunts are called brothers/sisters of the mother or father, as well as their spouses, but wives and husbands are, of course, not blood relatives. There is also the concept of great and small uncles/aunts. The first called the sister and brother of the grandfather / grandmother, and the second – the father/mother. Now they are simply called great-grandparents and great-uncles/aunts.

Just nephews are the children of brothers/sisters, great-nephews, respectively, their grandchildren. But granddaughters are also called any second cousins. Cousins today are often called cousins and cousins in the Western manner and have completely forgotten their old Russian names-SIS and bro. Although the latter is used in certain youth circles, it does not imply blood relationship. By the way, if you are thinking about how to distribute responsibilities at the wedding, keep in mind that you can involve everyone in the organization of the celebration, even people of the sixth degree of kinship, if you are, of course, familiar with them.

Family of 10
Spiritual kinship
The rite of baptism is important for many families, it is believed that the earlier it is held, the better. Therefore, as a rule, a child has a new relative in the first year of life, and what are the names of relatives who came to the family in this case, we all know well – godparents and mothers, among themselves and in relation to the child’s birth parents, they are considered godmother and godmother. The godson and goddaughter, respectively, are the girl and boy they baptized. Then to all relatives on this side is added the word godfather (godmother). But the cross brothers or sisters have a different meaning. This is the name of people who have exchanged their own crosses. In addition to godparents, there may also be planted parents. This is the name of those who replace their own father and mother at the wedding ceremony.

Spiritual kinship
Not blood, but close
There are cases when people who are not related by blood become a family, for example, when a man and a woman marry, having children from previous marriages, or the spouses adopt a child. In this case, the family members will be called:

step-mother-non-native mother,
stepfather-non-native father,
stepson-a non-native son,
stepdaughter-non-native daughter,
named son-adopted,
named daughter-adopted,
named mother and father-adoptive parents,
half-brothers and sisters – native and non-native children among themselves.
Also, non-native, but close people can be referred to, whose names are more often found in movies and books these days than in reality:

foster mother – a woman who nursed an unborn child in relation to it,
foster brother or sister – unrelated children raised by the same woman,
uncle, mother – a man or woman who looks after a child and raises it, today more commonly known as a nanny and nanny.
Kinship – who is who
Kinship by property or who is who after the wedding
As soon as the young couple officially became husband and wife, the number of family ties of each of them multiplied by two. And it would be good to know what relatives you have just acquired are called, because in many families it is still customary to address each other according to a long-established tradition. Let’s figure out who is who and who has to be after the wedding.

After the wedding
Husband, wife and their parents
Here everything is simple, the names of mothers and fathers of spouses are now widely heard and still actively used. The wife’s parents-in-law and mother – in-law, the husband’s parents-in-law and mother-in-law. Between themselves, fathers are matchmakers, and mothers are matchmakers. And they were called so because it was with their participation that the wedding ceremony of the bride took place. After the wedding, the wife receives the status of daughter – in-law or daughter-in-law (for the husband’s father), and the husband-in-law. Interestingly, in Russian there is a special word for a husband who has settled with his wife’s parents – Primak. Previously, this was not accepted, apparently, so popular rumor highlighted such men.

Relatives after the wedding
Brothers and sisters of the young with their spouses
Brother and sister of the husband, respectively, are called brother – in-law and sister-in-law, and brother and sister of the wife-brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Speakers of the Eastern European dialect also call the brothers from both sides schwagers.

As for the brothers ‘ wives, their names and who they are to each other, the Russian language has not skimped on names. They are more than for any other relatives-yatrovki, snoshennitsy, and in some regions, as well as her husband’s sister, have the name of sister-in-law. Accordingly, the wives of brothers in relation to each other are also called.

But the name of the sisters ‘ husbands does not differ in originality, they are all called brothers-in-law among themselves, although separately the husband’s sister’s husband is called a son-in-law. To make it clearer what names the acquired relatives have, we suggest taking a look at the diagram where it is indicated who is who to whom:

Other relatives of the husband and wife
As for other relatives, uncles/aunts, grandparents, nephews of the wife in relation to the husband or the husband to the wife do not have any special names, they are addressed to them today as well as before marriage.

As a General visual aid, we offer you the following table:

Wedding hopes that you will quickly get used to it and will not be confused in the names of relatives, and reminds that family ties do not solve much in the question of who pays for the wedding, because it can be both the newlyweds themselves, and distant relatives or even friends who have the desire and ability to help in this matter.

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