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Wedding dress fitting: how to choose the best

An important step for a bride is to buy a wedding dress. It should fit the figure, emphasize the dignity, match the theme of the celebration and most importantly-like its owner. Many girls are looking forward to the fitting process, and some of them are afraid of it.
These simple tips will tell You how to choose a wedding dress, while having a good time and not wasting your last nerves, keep a good relationship with your friends and family.

Before fitting, make measurements of your figure: waist, chest and hips. This will facilitate the selection of dresses.
Wedding dress fitting
Try on a wedding dress should not be alone. Take your mother, sister, and friend with you.
Don’t buy a dress with the hope of losing weight. It is better to choose the one that suits you at the time of fitting, and if you lose weight before the celebration, you can always sew the dress a couple of weeks before the wedding.
Choosing a wedding dress in the salon
Don’t go to the fitting on an empty stomach. There is a high probability that you will be irritable and you will not like anything.
Do not postpone your purchase until the last day. Please note that in winter, not in the height of the wedding season, there are fewer queues in salons and sales are often held. Therefore, even if the wedding is in the summer, you can think about the choice in the winter.
Before buying and paying for a dress, walk around the salon in it, try to sit down, bend over. You should feel comfortable in it, because it will not only pass the whole day, but also dance.
Who buys a dress for the bride’s wedding
To answer such an interesting question, you can turn to history. In addition, if you want to follow the traditions, then who should buy a wedding dress for the bride depends largely on the roots of your family and the customs that exist in it. There was an old Russian tradition, according to which the bride’s future mother-in-law bought a wedding dress. If you have to follow this custom, do not immediately turn against the advice of the groom’s mother. She may be as confused as you are. We recommend that you agree on the time and place where the wedding dress fitting will take place. Go to this salon in advance and choose a few options that you will like, then with your mother-in-law consider these dresses and ask for advice. Most likely, you will stop at one of them.

Dress fitting
Until the XX century, there was a tradition in Slavic countries that the bride should sew a dress herself, showing her skills in needlework. This indicated the abilities of the future chosen one. In Latin America, the bride’s relatives paid for the dress, shoes, and other necessary accessories in full. There is also a sign that for the well-being of the future family, the groom must buy a dress for the bride.

Buying a dress with the groom
In the modern world, the question of who buys a wedding dress depends on the distribution of wedding costs between the bride, groom and parents. For example, in the former Soviet Union, the parents of the bride and groom divide all expenses in half, while paying for the entire wedding, including the newlyweds ‘ outfits. But this applies mainly to young people who have decided to start a family before 23, without having their own capital yet.

The tendency to marry at a more conscious age, after 25, has led to the fact that newlyweds take most of the costs themselves. At the same time, the bride pays for the purchase herself, so her choice of wedding dress does not depend on the opinion of relatives who pay. This decision is also fueled by the idea that the groom should not see the bride’s dress. Perhaps the groom will want to make a gift to the future wife and take the costs associated with the purchase on themselves.

The bride measures the dress with a friend
Ideal option for newlyweds to pay for the wedding:

the bride buys a dress and everything related to her image: shoes, veil, jewelry;
groom-costume and other attributes of the outfit;
the remaining costs are divided in half (restaurant, photographer, car rental, etc.).
This distribution of funds does not bind the couple to the opinion of other family members and makes it possible to implement all their ideas. In addition, if you want to buy a chic dream dress, but the material possibilities are limited, you should think about renting a wedding dress.

How to choose the color of a wedding dress
To determine the color of the perfect wedding dress, you will find answers to these questions:

will the shade match your skin tone;
will the color make it fuller;
harmony with the color scheme of the wedding itself.
Let’s look at the classic and most fashionable colors for this season’s wedding dress.

The main colors in 2018 will be shades of pink, powdery, Nude, light beige, which will be a worthy replacement for the classics. These colors will emphasize the lightness and tenderness of the bride. They are suitable for almost any skin tone. And light, and dark-skinned girls can boldly choose such colors.
Black color entered the new wedding season as a bright accent. Such dresses for the bride were presented in the collections of Marchesa, Vera Wang, and Carolina Herrera. In addition, black can hide the fullness and form a shape.

Bride in a wedding dress with black decoration elements
Also in the trend this season, light yellow, lavender, blue, silver. These shades emphasize the romance of the bride and her non-trivial.
A classic wedding dress is usually white. It subconsciously reminds of innocence and purity. Despite all its versatility, it will not suit everyone. So, dark-skinned girls should pay attention to the shade of ivory, champagne. Ivory is perfect for girls with very pale skin, it will emphasize their natural beauty and will not allow them to turn into one white spot. This soft shade will be associated with the friendliness and calmness of the chosen one.
A modern bride has a wide range of opportunities to show her imagination and emphasize her individuality. She is not limited to choosing only a classic white dress, can afford to buy the dress of her dreams, paying for it herself, and can pay tribute to the traditions of her family or her husband’s family. Whatever you decide, wants to spend the most pleasant time in the process of choosing a dress, and our tips will help you in this.

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