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Wedding in the rain: what the sign says

As the good old song goes: “nature has no bad weather: every weather is a blessing.” And they say: “There is no bad weather, there are unsuitable clothes.” From this we can draw the following conclusion: if the wedding is raining, it is, first of all, a good omen, and you can cope with the inconvenience. The website will tell you how to do this. You will also find signs about the date of the wedding, which will help you choose the day for the wedding.

If it rains on your wedding day (signs)
If you celebrate a holiday in spring, summer, or autumn, it is likely that the day will be rainy. It is great that now you can find out the weather in advance. And many girls, seeing a cloud with droplets in the forecast, get upset. But do not rush to be upset, because rain during the wedding, according to the assumption-this is a happy marriage. This natural phenomenon has long been beneficial to people. After rain, the air is clean and fresh, it helps to grow all life on earth: trees, flowers and, most importantly, crops. In a drought, berries and mushrooms do not grow. Therefore, it brings joy both symbolically and practically. There is a sign that if it rains at a wedding, it means that the heavens shed those tears that are not destined to be shed in marriage – family life will be without sorrows. So you can take a rainy day as a gift from nature.

However, some consider rain a bad omen for a wedding. Supposedly, how much water will pour from the sky, so many tears to shed the bride. But it is worth noting that the negative significance of this phenomenon began to be attached in ancient times, but only to annoy the happy newlyweds.

Wedding in the rain
Rain during the wedding
My wedding: celebration in the rain
Of course, you can’t be one hundred percent sure that the forecast will be correct. But it is better to prepare for any situation. If forecasters promise rain on your wedding day, plan your routes and prepare everything you need so that it doesn’t interfere with your holiday. First of all, these are umbrellas. Of course, each person has their own, but they are all different, and most of them will just be black. Prepare the necessary number of identical umbrellas to make your wedding procession look spectacular. They can be rented, which is quite cheap. Against the background of summer greenery, yellow, purple or red umbrellas will look great. And if the wedding is in the fall, blue, maroon and simple black will do.

Rain on the wedding day
Rain for the wedding
If it rains at the wedding
A wedding in the rain requires a clear planned route, so that your guests do not have to get wet for a long time. Covered areas, verandas or parks with large gazebos – what you need for a walk after the registry Office. And while you are taking your wedding photos, guests will be waiting for you under the roof and stay dry.

Wedding on a rainy day
Rain on the wedding day
Wedding in the rain-omens
If the festival itself will be held on the street, then be sure to put up tents or canopies. Their rental is inexpensive, and guests will feel more comfortable. However, such structures will not save you if there is a strong thunderstorm with wind. Therefore, if the forecast predicts an orange danger level, it is better to move the celebration to the building of a cafe or restaurant.

Wedding in the rain
If it rains on your wedding day
Wedding photo shoot in the rain
After the celebration, there are only memories of a wonderful day, as well as many photos. When planning a wedding in the summer, you will have a wide choice of ideas for a photo shoot. And the rain during the wedding will help make them brighter, more interesting and romantic.

Bright colours
Everyone associates bright colors with joy and fun. Take advantage of this to raise everyone’s spirits, which could have been lost due to the rain, and also to make a great photo shoot on the wedding day. We have already talked about bright umbrellas. You will also need bright rubber boots and raincoats. Hand them out to guests and they can have fun on camera without being afraid of getting wet, ruining their costume, makeup, or hair.
Romance for two
If it rains on the wedding day, you can immediately imagine this picture: the newlyweds standing in the rain under one umbrella, looking at each other in love – whether this is the cutest frame, which will probably be at home in a frame. As a prop, you will need a large umbrella-cane in the same color as the bride’s dress. This accessory can be rented or purchased at a wedding salon.

Easy simplicity
If you don’t like the idea of colorful colors, and the celebration is planned in pastel neutral colors, then we suggest choosing transparent umbrellas. A wedding photo shoot in the rain with this accessory will create a feeling of lightness and airiness in the photo – nothing superfluous.

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