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Everything for a wedding with your own hands (ideas)

Preparing for a wedding is a very troublesome business that requires a lot of effort and attention. Therefore, newlyweds often entrust this important stage to a wedding Agency. But after all, by empowering outsiders, even professionals, you risk getting a template event that may be completely different from what you planned. There will not be a chance to fix everything, so we offer you to organize everything for your wedding with your own hands!

Wedding with your own hands
Wedding hand-made is rapidly gaining popularity, so more and more young couples choose it not only to save money, but also to enjoy the process of preparing their celebration.

Wedding with your own hands
Wedding with your own hands: a good start
So, we make a wedding with our own hands. Where to start without missing anything? First of all, take the following steps:

Submitting an application to the civil registry office, after which you will clearly understand how much time you have to prepare and will be able to really assess your strength.
Choosing a wedding theme is a prerequisite for a great start to your own preparation. Think about who you want to feel like on this wonderful day? How is it possible to make your dreams come true? After answering these questions, you will be able to determine the style and understand how to decorate the wedding, and from this you can already start organizing with your own hands, building a harmonious concept from your creative ideas and desires.
Selection of Banquet halls is an important step because you need to find the perfect place for the entire plan. Therefore, advance search will play only on hand.
All the fun for the wedding with their hands
You can’t wait to see what you can do for wedding their hands? You certainly know about it, because we are already beginning to reveal all the secrets.

Postcards made by yourself will pleasantly surprise guests. They will create the first impression about your wedding, tell you about the theme or direction. Therefore, having decided on the style of the celebration, you can make your own exclusive invitations. Show a little imagination and hard work, and we will try to inspire you with an original idea to create wedding cards.

Decoration of the wedding entourage
It is important, because the transport of newlyweds must be solemn and stand out from the rest of the cars. Car decoration with your own hands will save money and get the desired result. recommends using the following elements to decorate a wedding tuple:

satin ribbons;
flower arrangement;
soft toy;
all kinds of images of rings or hearts.
Wedding tuple decoration
Flower arrangements by car
Wedding symbols and attributes
It is the little things that most often allow you to create an impression of the entire celebration. Therefore, making accessories for a wedding with your own hands, you will be one step closer to your unique event. Irreplaceable wedding attributes include:

A ring pillow or its alternatives – a box, a clay plate, a book, a box, a live flower. All this is easy to do on your own.
Ring pad with your own hands
Unusual ring pad
Decorations for bottles and glasses for champagne-in addition to the usual three-dimensional decor (flowers made of clay or bows made of ribbons), painting, decoupage and engraving are in demand.
Decoupage on wedding attributes
Glasses for young people with their own hands
Candles for the family hearth – do not forget to support the chosen theme of the celebration in all wedding accessories and small things. What materials at hand will make your attributes exclusive? Use fabric, polymer clay, coffee beans, satin ribbons, lace. Even more ideas on the photo.
Stylish candles with your own hands
Candles for the family hearth with your own hands
Candles for a themed wedding
Souvenirs for guests are now a fashion trend and a sign of good taste. What do they give to guests? Sweets decorated with your own hands, as well as handmade soap, candles, key rings, magnets, and so on.
Souvenirs for guests
Gifts for guests
Items for a photo shoot-the choice is very large, from paper props (mustaches, glasses, butterflies) to three-dimensional letters and signs.
Accessories for a wedding photo shoot
Paper photo booth
The book for guests ‘ wishes will remain with you as a memory of the happiest day, so it is very symbolic to make it with your own hands. For an example of a hand-made wedding album, see below.
The decor of the Banquet hall
The design of the place of celebration plays a significant role in creating an atmosphere of celebration. How to decorate a wedding hall if you dream of a unique event? We offer original ideas for a wedding with your own hands on the decor of the Banquet hall.

Slate – a simple thing that, at first glance, even has nothing to do with the wedding, but when used correctly, transforms an ordinary celebration into a very stylish one. The most top wedding accessories, namely all sorts of signs, signs, Seating plan, cards for guests, elements for a photo shoot – all this looks great on the slates. The main advantage of this type of decor can safely be called the fact that the slate is not necessary to buy, because such an idea for a wedding really make your own hands. See the step-by-step master class below.
Blackboard for a photo shoot
Slate for a wedding
Slate in the wedding decor
Candles are easy, you might say. However, the magical atmosphere at your wedding is guaranteed. They look great in the design of wedding tables with their own hands. And in order to surprise guests, use the original photo tips from our portal Свадебка.ws.

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