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Wedding fabrics for sewing bridesmaid dresses

Fabric for wedding dresses as a canvas for paintings. This is the basis of masterpiece works of art. The same style of dress is a different look in different designs. The portal will help to deal with the selection of a suitable material.

Fabric for the base of wedding dresses
The basis can be satin, brocade, crepe, silk, etc. And to divide them according to the following principle:
Summer fabricsThe most wedding season is, of course, summer. And this time of year is not infrequently characterized by high temperatures. Therefore, summer wedding fabrics should be natural and light.

Silk is one of the most expensive and most difficult materials to process. In addition, natural silk is very wrinkled. However, its fascinating beauty covers all the disadvantages. For silk, dresses with a simple cut are more suitable, with a flowing or slightly tight skirt, for example, the Greek style. The bodice of a wedding dress can be decorated with lace or pearl thread. To make the skirt less crumpled, you should choose silk with the addition of artificial fibers.
Atlas is very popular in the wedding industry. In addition, this is a great fabric for sewing a wedding dress, satin is used for finishing clutches, pouches, and shoes of the bride. It is ideal for sewing lush dresses with a-line skirt. Only here for a wedding in the open air in the heat of the Atlas is not suitable, but if the holiday will be held in an air-conditioned room-just.
Satin is made of synthetic fibers or cotton. In the first case, the material has a silky Shine, in the second-the surface is matte. It is used for making loose-cut dresses in the Empire, Greek or boho style. For a wedding in hot weather outdoors, a light cotton cropped dress will be the best option.
Taffeta, consisting of silk fibers, is characterized by light stiffness and Shine, it is well draped, takes and retains various forms: creche, pleat, corrugation. The peculiarity of this fabric is that it does not crumple, and for sewing a wedding dress this is a huge plus.
Crepe is universal for wedding and evening dresses made of natural or synthetic fibers. For the summer version, it is better to choose natural ones. The material has a smooth, matte or shiny surface, combined with lace.
In winter, the celebration is likely to be held indoors, but the dress should be chosen from a thicker fabric, because you still have to take a few walks in the fresh air.

Atlas for winter dress options is just as good as for summer. It will make a beautiful classic wedding dress with a full skirt and long sleeves.
Artificial crepe is suitable for the winter costume of the bride, because it keeps the heat. As a decor, Irish lace or beaded patterns will suit.
Wedding dresses made of dense fabric, such as brocade, do not require decoration. In ancient times, it was worn by high-ranking officials because of the high cost, and it was composed of fibers of gold or silver. Today, production has been simplified and the price has decreased, so girls often choose dresses made of this fabric. The exquisite volume and Shine of the brocade will give the image of the bride a Royal luxury.
Taffeta, consisting of cotton fibers, is used for making winter dresses for the bride. It keeps its shape perfectly, so it is ideal for models with full skirts, pleats, flounces.

Jacquard for a winter wedding dress is a great find. It is dense, light and does not crumple due to the combination of natural and artificial fibers, as well as a special intertwining of threads. Jacquard has a variety of colors and textures and looks great both in its own performance and in combination with other
Decorative fabric for the bride’s dress
In addition to the main one, you need to buy a decorative fabric for a wedding dress. These include:

Tulle is a synthetic, almost weightless, transparent material that does not crumple. It is used for making puffy skirts, a train, and a veil. A combination of two or more shades together looks good. Tulle is used in 97% of wedding dresses. On it sew applications and lace. A wedding dress made of tulle will practically not release heat, so it is perfect for a winter wedding.

Fabric for sewing dresses
What you need for sewing a dress
Organza is also light and transparent, but a little more rigid than tulle. It has many colors, patterns and is suitable for draping an outfit, creating lush flounces, high collars and voluminous sleeves.

Buy fabric for a wedding dress
Lace today will not bypass any bride, because it is the embodiment of tenderness and femininity. They adorn any element of the dress: sleeves, neckline, back, skirt. Lace fabrics for dresses are used to emphasize the girl’s sexuality and sophistication.

Wedding dress with lace
Chiffon consists of silk threads, so it is almost transparent and very light. It is used for draping and creating airy summer dresses. The chiffon fabric for the dress is only used as a decoration.

Other tips
So, what do you need for sewing a wedding dress? You need to find a good master. Read reviews on the Internet, ask friends. This can be either a workshop or a seamstress at home. Then decide on the fabric – this, of course, is not easy. Keep in mind the following: silk and satin do not hide the flaws of the figure, and even Vice versa: they form folds in unnecessary places because of their smoothness.

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