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Morning of the bride: where and how to spend?

The bride’s morning is a special and very important moment of the wedding day, which requires careful preparation by the bride and groom. It is important to take into account every little thing: starting from the choice of location and ending with the selection of attire. As a rule, the bride preselects a photographer who will shoot the whole wedding day, so all that needs to be done is to assign him a place and time for morning filming. The wedding site tells how to organize the bride’s morning so that the photo shoot is perfect.

Morning of the brideWhere to spend the morning of the bride?
The morning of the bride and groom takes place in different ways: if a playful mood reigns in the male company, the girl usually is anxiously preparing for the upcoming celebration. Therefore, it is better to conduct training in a relaxed atmosphere, in the company of the best girlfriends and a photographer. Let’s figure it out together where it is best to spend a wedding morning so that the bride can relax before the celebration and make a couple of amazing shots.

Morning bride home
Most often, brides spend their wedding morning in their native walls, which, of course, has several advantages. Everything you need is always at hand. In addition, the bride feels the support of her relatives: in case of unforeseen circumstances, you can always turn to them for help and quickly solve the problem.

However, if you decide to spend the morning of the bride at home, you will have to carefully prepare for the shooting. In addition to the general cleaning, you may need to decorate the house for the wedding or even a little renovation.

Morning bride home
Fees of the bride at home
Morning of the bride at the hotel
The bride’s morning at the hotel is ideal for girls who want to get colorful pictures and colorful videos. A diverse fashionable interior will allow the photographer to choose several beautiful locations for shooting: rooms with stained-glass windows, luxurious furniture and unusual decor elements are often rented. In addition, renting a room will allow you to avoid unnecessary hassles, as the hotel will offer you a delicious breakfast and a cup of coffee, and you can safely get together for the wedding in the company of girlfriends and beauty specialists.

Wedding morning at the hotel
Hotel morning bride
Morning bride in the studio
An excellent place where you can spend the boudoir morning of the bride will be a specialized photo studio with a suitable interior and decor. The cost of renting for a few hours is usually quite high. However, you can take really beautiful photos, because in the studios there are always many interesting locations and special equipment that allows you to adjust the lighting properly.

The bride’s morning in the studio has its drawbacks. Since this is a non-residential premises, respectively, you cannot completely relax, lie down, have breakfast and tune in to meet with the groom. Therefore, it is rational to order a wedding photo session in the studio for only 1-2 hours, and the main gatherings are best spent at home.

Morning bride in the studio
Morning of the bride in a photo studio
Outfit for the morning of the bride
For morning photography, the bride does not have to wear a dress in its classical sense. More often than not, his boudoir outfit, which emphasizes the beauty and femininity of a girl, becomes his excellent alternative.

What to wear for a morning shoot?
Nightshirt. The easiest option for the bride’s morning outfit will be a silk or lace nightdress, bought specially for the celebration. It is important that the outfit fits perfectly in the figure and emphasizes your style. It is best to choose gentle light shades, for example, white, ivory or pastel colors.
Morning of the bride in a chemise
Boudoir morning in a shirt
Peignoir. If you want the bride’s morning shooting to be stylish and even slightly sexy, be sure to take care of buying a luxurious peignoir. Translucent fabrics, delicate lace or beads make the peignoir a luxurious element of the image of the “morning” newlywed, emphasize its femininity and sensuality. When choosing a peignoir as a boudoir dress for the morning of the bride, be sure to pick up beautiful lingerie.
Morning of the bride in peignoir
Boudoir morning of the bride in peignoir
Dressing gown. If you want beautiful, but modest photos after the bride’s morning, you can wear a delicate satin or silk dressing gown. By the way, you can put it on at home later, delighting your husband with your beauty!
Morning of the bride in a silk robe
Morning of the bride in a dressing gown
Morning of the bride: ideas for a photo shoot
To beautifully and interestingly capture the bride’s morning, there are many original ideas in the photo that will demonstrate the girl’s fees in dynamics. The portal for lovers will tell you what frames your photographer must make.

Frame Ideas for Morning Photography:
Boudoir morning. One of the mandatory frames that a photographer should capture will be a photo of the bride in a beautiful peignoir or dressing gown sitting on the edge of the bed or in an armchair.
Boudoir morning of the bride
Breakfast. The bride’s morning cannot do without breakfast, so you can take a few frames with a cup of coffee or tea.
Bride’s morning breakfast
Photos of the accessories themselves

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