Step-by-step instructions for Seating guests at a wedding
Successful Seating of guests at the wedding guarantees a pleasant atmosphere of the Banquet for the entire evening. Become a good sorceress, with a light wave of her wand, the…

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Step-by-step instructions for Seating guests at a wedding

Successful Seating of guests at the wedding guarantees a pleasant atmosphere of the Banquet for the entire evening. Become a good sorceress, with a light wave of her wand, the guests of the bride and groom will meet, old friends will meet, business partners will strengthen cooperation, all invited will be happy and happy, and someone may find their soul mate. Wedding portal has developed for You a step-by-step guide for Seating guests at a wedding, with which You will understand the intricacies of etiquette, psychology and spatial orientation.

Seating by letter I
Step 1: Get your guests seated early
Do not postpone this part of the organization until the eve of the celebration. Of course, you can make last-minute adjustments on the night before the holiday, but You will have more important things to do than planning Seating “from scratch”. Ideally, start thinking about Seating arrangements along with ordering a Banquet hall and sending out invitations.

Step 2: List your guests by category
When you have compiled a list of guests, you can characterize each person by various parameters: relationship (relative or friend, on the part of the bride or groom, colleagues or friends from school and University), age, interests, married couple or in search of a second half, etc. Try to remember all the details that will potentially unite the guests.

Seating with the letter T
Step 3: Deal with the space
The number of people invited and the style of the wedding will tell You how much space you need to accommodate everyone. Do not skimp on the choice of Banquet facilities: people are unlikely to like to crowd in a small hall, where there is barely enough space to dance. On the other hand, large areas do not add comfort and do not promote communication and acquaintance. Holding a celebration in nature is a separate wedding scenario. Thus, everything should be guided by common sense and the principle of the” Golden mean”.

There are several types of arrangement of Banquet tables:
The option of Seating with the letter I is suitable for small feasts, for example, when the wedding is celebrated at home or in a narrow circle of close people.

If the number of guests is from 20 to 25, you will be able to sit with the letter T. at the same time, the newlyweds and witnesses sit at the head of the table, and the rest along it. Usually the most honored guests (parents, elderly people, boss, etc.) occupy the seats closest to the young ones.

Seating with the letter P
With 30-50 guests, you can put tables with the letter P, which is currently often done in Russia. So, at the head sit newlyweds, witnesses, sometimes parents, and guests are divided into two parts – relatives of the bride or groom, young people or adults. In any case, this Seating arrangement has one drawback-the guests are immediately opposed to each other.

If more than 60 guests are invited to the wedding, it is appropriate to place them with the letter sh. In this case, the Seating arrangement is similar to the previous one, with the only difference that another table is added so that there is enough space for everyone.

Seating with the letter W
European version (English, Italian). A popular option for European weddings is to place guests at separate tables. In the English interpretation, 6-8 people gather at one table, in the Italian-4. in the center is a table of newlyweds. This Seating arrangement is good for maintaining a conversation, getting to know people better, but there is a risk of separation in private groups of some guests.

European Seating options
And finally, the American version, aka buffet. If the celebration takes place in nature or involves a picnic, you can set up several long tables with snacks. Guests themselves around them and choose a treat. The downside is that not all guests will approve of such a decision.

Step 4: details of Banquet etiquette
Banquet etiquette involves several rules for Seating guests:

The bride sits to the right of the groom.
Next to the bride and groom can sit or parents (next to bride father of the groom and mother of the bride with her groom – father of the bride and mother of the groom), or witnesses (by the bride – witness, close to the groom, witness).
The men sit to the left of the women.
People in a married couple do not sit next to each other, but opposite each other.
Guests of honor (dignitaries, special guests, seniors) occupy the seats closest to the newlyweds.
Make sure that everyone has an interesting companion
Step 5: please Everyone, don’t forget anyone
This is where you will need the characteristics that you marked when making the guest list. Now you can plan how to seat people by age, interests, work or school, thus providing common topics for conversation. You can take care of Dating by placing “free” people next to each other, not married couples. Make sure that guests who don’t get along are at a respectful distance from each other. Try to arrange a separate table for children, or at least sit invited guests with children next to each other, so that even the smallest guests do not get bored.

Step 6: Become a fakir
If you find it difficult to imagine a Seating arrangement, draw it. Experiment. Spread out the invitations in front of you and form a Seating arrangement. Try to divide your friends to avoid coalitions, or, on the contrary, gather friends together. In any case, this is Your chance to set the mood for the celebration.

Step 7: get consent
When the Seating arrangement is ready, make it out on a separate sheet of paper and send it to the guests (along with invitations, for example). Specify whether they agree with this state of Affairs or would like to make adjustments. Be a kind and hospitable host of the holiday.

Banquet cards
Step 8: Prepare your Banquet cards
It is awkward to make guests learn the Seating arrangement by heart, especially if there are a lot of guests. You can make a large plan at the entrance to the Banquet hall, as a reminder of the Seating. You can ask Toastmasters or waiters to accompany guests to their seats. But you can also set up special Banquet cards with the names of guests so that everyone knows exactly where to sit. This solution is both simple and aesthetic. In one of the articles wedding portal wedding.Ws tells you more about wedding Banquet cards.

Enjoy your wedding Banquet
Step 9: Enjoy your wedding Banquet
You and Your chosen one have proved to be real diplomats, attentive hosts and subtle psychologists. Thanks to You, all the guests are happy and found interesting interlocutors. You can rightfully enjoy the magic of the atmosphere of a fun and pleasant holiday that You created yourself.

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