Wedding guests

How to calculate a wedding cake
The wedding cake, in addition to the long-awaited culmination of the gala evening, is also a symbol of the sweet family life of the newlyweds. Naturally, almost every guest will…

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Wedding dress fitting: how to choose the best
An important step for a bride is to buy a wedding dress. It should fit the figure, emphasize the dignity, match the theme of the celebration and most importantly-like its…

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Relationship: who is who in the family (diagram)
Families are not as big as they used to be. It is enough to know who your grandchildren, nephews, grandparents, and cousins are. And all the others are just called…

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Wedding guests who are all enraged

A wedding is the most important event for the newlyweds, and everyone understands this. However, almost every holiday there are people who ruin everything. The most interesting thing is that such guests at the wedding do not even understand that they are doing something wrong. Even if they force everyone to dance to their tune or draw themselves to excessive attention.

Portal offers to consider common mistakes of guests at a wedding and find out what kind of people are furious. Such “individuals” will either spoil your holiday, or they will affect it in a negative way. Continue reading

How to organize an engagement?

Engagement has always been one of the important points for the couple. To tell family and friends about their desire to bond each other with a marriage is an important and inevitable decision. From this moment, preparations for the wedding begin, questions on the organization of the celebration are resolved: from the search for a restaurant to the design of invitations for guests. For some nations, an engagement is a whole event in the life of a couple, somewhat similar to a wedding in its scope!

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Wedding Conflicts: Causes and Solutions

Wedding is the brightest event in the life of young people. It is always filled with touching wedding traditions and customs, warmth and love. But this is also a very responsible step, preparation for which is often accompanied by stress and misunderstanding, which sometimes causes conflicts at the wedding and before it, which can spoil the most significant day for you.

The portal will analyze in the article the main grounds for conflicts and the types of unpleasant situations that can occur at weddings, so that each of you knows how to avoid them and correctly resolve them. Continue reading

Curiosities at weddings: photos and ridiculous cases

Each couple strives to ensure that the most important day of their life goes smoothly. They think through all the details and nuances in advance, analyzing the mistakes of others in preparation for the wedding. However, something may not go as planned. The portal not only tells about unforeseen moments and curiosities at the wedding, but also tells you how to get out of funny situations and turn the course of events in a positive direction.

Curiosities at the wedding
Wedding curiosities: a selection of funny cases with photos Continue reading

What to do with the dress after the wedding: ideas and tips

The grand event is behind, and you do not know what to do with the wedding dress after the wedding? It is practically not necessary to use it in everyday life. Keep it as a memory or give along a new life? This is what our article will tell.
Where to put a wedding dress?
Together with the portal, let’s find a worthy application for your wedding dress:

Store as a memory. If you believe in signs about a wedding dress, where it is said that the bride’s outfit cannot be given or sold, feel free to look for a place for him in the closet. Continue reading

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Pair t-shirts for newlyweds
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